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How do I book?

Go to the booking page and fill the request. Put down as much information as possible about your idea. You can also upload a reference picture. If it is a project I'm interested into taking on, I will get back to you with a booking link and an estimate for how long we should book. From the link, you can book yourself in for a free consultation ( if more information are needed) or book your appointment at your own convenience.

** Please note; a deposit will be required to book a tattoo session**


How much does it cost?

My rate is $180 per hour or 1000$ for a full day session ( 7 hours). Flat rates are available for flash pieces. I will give you an estimate during our consultation.

for example:

"Size of a phone" on limbs: 2-3 hours

Inner forearm: 4-6 hours of tattoo time
Outer forearm: 4-6 hours of tattoo time
Outer top of the arm: 8-12 hours of tattoo time
Inner bicep: 4-8 hours of tattoo time
Hand: 2-3 hours of tattoo time

Lower leg full wrap: 12-20 hours
Side calf (ankle to knee): 6-8 hours of tattoo time
Thigh: 6-10 hours of tattoo time

Script: 30 minutes

Sleeves: 25-35 hours over 5-7 sits

Do you do cover ups?

Yes I do when it is possible. Cover ups have to be darker and usually bigger than the original piece you want covered. A color tattoo is often an easier way to proceed.

Do I need to put down a deposit to Book?


100%. a non-refundable and non-tranferable deposit is required to book any tattoo appointment. The deposit will go towards the last session of your tattoo. Deposits are to be e-transfer to .

Canceling within 72 hours of the appointment  or a no-show will result in the lost of your deposit. 

How do I book a consultation?

Fill out the contact form on the contact page. Book now

What happens during the consultation?

We will meet in the studio to discuss ideas, images, placement, and other details. I will ask a lot of questions, and any references you can bring are very helpful in ensuring we can bring your vision fully to life. After we create a concept that you're happy with, we'll book your appointment. Please note that a deposit is required at this time to book a tattoo appointment.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Get a good night's sleep and have a meal before your appointment. Please refrain from drinking the night before since it will make your blood thinner ( more bleeding). Depending on the length, you may want to bring snacks and water to keep your blood sugar levels up. a blanket and comfy clothes can also be a great idea for your own comfort. Don't be shy to ask all the questions you might have to your artist.

Can I work out after getting my tattoo?

Please refrain from going to the gym for 5-7 days. A tattoo is an open wound and it is critical to avoid exposing it to sweat, dust, and dirt as much as possible. Similarly, please avoid bathtubs, saunas, hot-tubs, or any situation where your tattoo may be submerged in water.

What about touch-ups?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your tattoo to heal. After this time, touch-ups may be required based on how well your tattoo healed. This is totally normal. Please reach out to book a touch-up appointment via email.

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